Ariana Gillrie was raised nomadically, between countries and sometimes in a bus, caravan, or boat and has since lived and adventured around the globe.

She was previously a photographers assistant for years in a few different countries as well as a live concert photographer before branching out and has since worked professionally in Canada, the US, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Ariana is now in Queensland, Australia (this section is continually needing updating) and has a love for both digital and film and the different ways they can be used and pushed and experimented with.

Her works have been on display in Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada as well as New Zealand and Germany. She was recently chosen as a winner for Magenta: Flash Forward 2013, where she was recognised as one of Canada's Emerging Photographers.

For a print quote, please email Ariana directly referring to the title of the print and where it was shot and the size you are interested in ordering.